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Goodspeed Histories: Hill’s Mill at Copper Hill

Being stuck at home with limited resources, I decided to check to see if Egbert T. Bush wrote anything about the Copper Hill area, which Johanna Farms Road is on the outskirts of. Sure enough, he published an article called “Hill’s Mills, Once A Thriving Seat Of Industry,” about the mill property owned by the Hill and Kuhl families on the east side of Route 31. So I figured I might as well publish that since it involves people mentioned in my articles on Hoagland’s Road. Read more here…

Waiting in the Wings:  Hoagland’s Road part two. This will be the second post on one particular property—the farm on the south side of Johanna Farms Road. (See Hoagland’s Road, part one.)

There are two reasons for the delay. One is that this year’s allergy season has been worse than usual for me and has really slowed me down. Secondly, there is a vital piece of information necessary to properly finish up this article featuring the Rockefeller family, which is a map of the division of Jacob Rockefeller’s farm in 1820. It is was recorded at the Surrogate’s Court in Flemington, but the offices are closed thanks to the virus. The document was found by a member of the staff and is now on its way to me through the postal service. Needless to say, these days one cannot predict when it will be delivered.

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