Authored by Don Cornelius, HCHS Manuscript Curator

In 1965, The Hunterdon County Historical Society decided that it was time to begin printing a newsletter. That tradition has continued to the present day. Recently, a scanning project was completed that covered the entire publication run of the Hunterdon Historical Newsletter from the first edition in 1965 until the present. Those newsletters have been posted to our website and are available for viewing.

The newsletter is the official organ of the Hunterdon County Historical Society and provides a keen insight into the history and operations of our own organization. It also is a significant source of historical information and family information in and unto itself, due to the number of historical articles and papers that have been published over the years.

It’s amazing that the description of the newsletter-to-be in 1965’s first edition still describes our newsletter to this day, 55 years later. The Newsletter has become an integral part of the purpose and mission of our Society. It is still one of the principal means of communicating with our Members exactly how we collect, preserve, and share the history of Hunterdon County.

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