Collections 1 thru 25

(NOTE: Titles in burgundy are links to pdf files of the collection.)

Collection 1

Collection 1.   The Grandin Family Papers.   Collection contains business and personal correspondence of the Grandin family of Clinton, NJ, from approximately 1709 to 1965.  Most of the records date from 1800 to 1920. Download Archives Details  |  Download Container List

Collection 2.   The Arnwine Papers.  Collection contains the business and financial records of the Arnwine family, principally George Arnwine, from approximately 1797 to 1845.

Collection 3.   The James A. Kline Papers.  Collection contains mostly clippings, some legal papers and correspondence from approximately 1759 to the 1930’s.

Collection 4.  The Blackwell Family Papers.  Collection contains business and personal correspondence, as well as real estate and legal papers pertaining to the Blackwell and associated families.  Records are from approximately 1820 to 1879.

Collection 5.   The Nathaniel Saxton Papers. Collection contains legal papers of clients and some personal papers of Nathaniel Saxton, an attorney in Flemington.  The records date from approximately 1751 to 1836. Download Archives Detail  |  Download Container List

Collection 6.  The Rowe-Kline Papers. Collection contains business and personal papers, Estate papers, bonds, mortgages, and other legal papers of these two Readington families.  The records date from approximately 1790 to 1910.

Collection 7.   The Papers of the Estate of William P. Emery of Flemington, NJ. Collection contains legal documents, correspondence, and other papers.  Includes some Emery – Katzenback Papers, checks, receipts, and other loose material.  Records date from approximately 1901 to 1934.

Collection 8.  The Rittenhouse Papers. Collection contains business, legal, estate, real estate, correspondence, and other papers of the Rittenhouse family of Kingwood Township.  Records date from approximately 1791 to 1860.

Collection 9.  The Corle Papers. Collection contains business, legal papers, and correspondence.  Includes the patent papers of Gilbert Van Camp.  Records date from approximately 1826 to 1875.

Collection 10.  Records of the Lambert Boeman Post 48, Grand Army of the Republic, Flemington, NJ. Collection contains lists, reports, receipts, legal papers, correspondence (official and personal), General Orders, advertisements, forms, newspapers, tickets, books, badges, and other loose materials.  Records date from approximately 1880 to 1900.

Collection 11.  Records of the American Red Cross, Flemington, NJ. Collection includes forms, instructions, directives, and miscellaneous loose materials. Records date from approximately 1918 to 1921.

Collection 12.  Raritan Township School Records. Collection includes correspondence; Board business, financial records, printed material, directives, circular information, and miscellaneous loose material.  Records date from approximately 1899 to 1904.

Collection 13.  Records of the Hunterdon County Agricultural Fair Society. Collection includes printed materials, programs, forms, lists of judges, ladies work entries, miscellaneous loose material, fair entries, tags, badges, and note books.  Records date from approximately 1879 to 1884.

Collection 14.  Records of the Flemington Vigilant Society. Collection includes organization and incorporation papers, membership lists, correspondence, description of properties, bankbooks, pamphlets, and miscellaneous loose materials.  Records date from approximately 1898 to 1937.

Collection 15.  Records of the George Junior Republic. Collection includes information, reports, clippings, newspapers, magazines, and other miscellaneous items.  Records date from approximately 1910.

Collection 16.  Records of the Hunterdon County Clerk.  Collection includes Building Contracts, Leases and Agreements from Hunterdon County Municipalities from 1837 through 1950.  Dates of inclusion vary by municipality.

Collection 17

Collection 17. Slave Manumissions, Hunterdon and Mercer County, NJ (1805-1830).  This collection contains files, sorted by municipality, of documents from Hunterdon (and later Mercer) County that provide for the emancipation of slaves by their owners. Typical documents may include the manumission, which is a witnessed document, and examination certificates by the overseers of the poor in the representative township, and the Justice(s) of the peace of the county. There are also small selections of slave indentures and sales of slaves. The Mercer County emancipations are from those municipalities that were part of Hunterdon County before Mercer County was formed in 1838. Download Archives Detail  |  Download Container List

Collection 18.  Hunterdon County Historical Society Collection Part I. The first six boxes [1-6] of this collection include a collated grouping of assorted and miscellaneous loose materials and papers.  Record dates are widely spaced and content is various.  Boxes 7 and 8 contain deeds.  Content for this collection is listed on the inventory sheets in the Deats Library.

Collection 19. Hunterdon County Historical Society Collection Part II. This collection also includes an amalgamation of records and documents from several different sources.  Click on the link for a basic list of the materials in this collection.  For more detail, the inventory sheets in the Deats Library must be consulted.

Collection 20.  The Eick Family Papers   This collection includes the legal papers, receipts, and other miscellaneous papers of the Eick Family of Tewksbury Township, including papers from Philip Eick Sr., Philip Eick Jr., Paul Eick, Clarence Eick, Jeremiah Eick, William G. Eick, and Philip E. Eick.  No definitive date range for the collection is recorded.

Collection 21.  The Haines – Moore Papers.   Collection includes the legal papers, wills, deeds, executor’s accounts, and other miscellaneous papers of the Haines and Moore families.  No definitive date range for the collection is recorded.

Collection 22.  Records of the Patriotic Order of Americans Camp #50.  Collection includes the By-Laws, account books, bills, receipts, membership applications, printed material, reports, and other miscellaneous records of this organization from Frenchtown.  Records date from approximately 1924 to 1944.

Collection 23.  The Theodore Whittlesey Papers.  Collection includes newspaper clippings, printed material, and other miscellaneous records relating principally to Ringoes and Hunterdon County.  No definitive date range for this collection is indicated.

Collection 24.  The Steele Papers. Collection includes estate information, correspondence, receipts, notebooks and other materials of the Steele Family of Flemington.  Records are primarily from 1912-1920. Download Inventory List.

Collection 25. Records of the Fulper Pottery Company. Collection includes product photographs, sales order books, and exhibit catalogues of this famous pottery in Flemington. Records date from approximately 1914 to 1979.