Collections 226 thru 250

Collection 226

Collection No. 226. Clarence Pyatt Papers (1763-1972).  This collection includes two boxes of records relating to Clarence Pyatt and his family from Hunterdon County, New Jersey.  The collection contains historical financial documents that belonged to ancestors on Mildred Pyatt’s side of the family (the Case and Hart families), school materials from the Pyatt and Case families, genealogical information on the Pyatt and Case families, photographs, correspondence, and ephemera.  Download Archives Detail  |  Download Container List

Collection 227

Collection No. 227: Deats Bequest Genealogical Notes (1770-1940). Includes correspondence, family records, deeds, recorded bible records, mortgages, and genealogical notes concerning the Stevenson, Kester, Taylor, Young, and Hulsizer families. Download Archives Detail  |  Download Container List

Collection No. 228: Arthur Hanna Auctions (1971-2008). This collection includes 8 boxes containing 29 loose leaf binders of the auction records of Arthur Hanna, Auctioneers of Milford, NJ and later Bloomsbury, NJ. from the period of 1971 through 2008. The collection would be of interest to anyone researching a specific seller or a particular community; it would also be of interest to social scientists studying household wealth and possessions. Download Archives Detail  |  Download Container List

Collection No. 229: Records of the Lackatong Lodge #114, International Organization of Odd Fellows (I.O.O.F.), Quakertown, Hunterdon County, New Jersey (1854-1983). The collection chronicles more than a century of membership and prospective members, property deeds and banking transactions, constitution, by-laws, rules of order, and committee actions, lists including burial grounds of deceased members, and ephemera of this and other Odd Fellows Lodges of New Jersey. Download Archives Detail  |  Download Container List

Collection 230

Collection No. 230: The Stout-Young Family Papers (1853-1937). This collection is a group of materials, primarily photographs, that document several generations of the Stout and Young families of Hunterdon County, NJ. The photographic portion of the collection covers the Stout family through two generation from 1860 to the turn of the Nineteenth century, then follows through the intermarriage into the Young family. If you are related to these families, you will want to see this collection! Download Archives Detail  |  Download Container List

Collection 231

Collection No. 231: Polhemus Family Papers (1875-1951). This collection contains genealogical records including correspondence, photographs, and family trees pertaining to the Polhemus and allied families, including the Schenck, Skillman, Van Dyke, Cool, Bellis, Cruser, and Longstreet families. Download Archives Detail | Download Container List

Collection 232

Collection No. 232: Hunterdon County Farm Collection (1880-2000). This collection includes a group of various records that were donated by the Holcombe-Jimison Farm Museum. Highlights of the collection include a series of 65 notebooks and pocket diaries produced by Paul L. Holcombe, a beekeeper and deputy bee inspector for the State of NJ, ca. 1889-1963. Other interesting records include Holcombe family farm scrapbooks(1880-1940); a farm account book of Robert Manners (1943); and various other farm day books, photographs, and scrapbooks. This collection would interest anyone researching either Paul Holcombe, early beekeeping, or general farming records of Hunterdon County. Download Archives Detail  |  Download Container List

Collection 233

Collection No. 233:  the Dunbar Family Papers.  The papers of Reverend Edward Dunbar, his wife Evelyn Dunbar, and their daughter Velma Dunbar.   Download Archives Detail  |  Download Container List

Collection 234

Collection No. 234: Race Family Photograph Collection (ca. 1860 – 1918). This collection consists of the photographic contents of a family photograph album. Most of the images appear to be from the Race and allied families of Hunterdon County, N.J., from ca. 1860 – 1918. Aside from the Race family (Paul, Henry, Henry Race Jr., Ida, Effie, Mary Ellen, Anna), the most common surname in the photographs appears to be the Woodruffs (Araminta, Frank, Ann, Lulu, Emma) and other families (Huber, McClellan, Fitts, etc.). Download Archives Detail | Download Container List

Collection 235

Collection No. 235: Joseph Prestoprine Photograph Collection (1917-1935). This is a collection of photographs from the Flemington area, ca. 1917-1935. It details aspects of life within the town as well as the scenery of different locations. This collections offers insights into Flemington, New Jersey, whether it is by examining the individuals or the events that surrounded the town in the early 1900s.  Download Archives Detail | Download Container List

Collection 236

Collection No. 236: Mary Ellen Soldavin Collection (1978-2013). This collection includes information on historic preservation and other related topics gathered by Mary Ellen Soldavin, a trustee of the Hunterdon County Historical Society and a historical researcher for several towns and historic places in Hunterdon County. It holds material related to the Everitts family and a large collection pertaining to Mt. Pleasant. There is also a small collection of photographs that document structures within the county. This collection is geared toward those researching historic preservation in Hunterdon County and who wish for an insight on the perspective of people behind those efforts. Download Archives Detail | Download Container List

Collection 237

Collection No. 237: Flemington Speedway Slide Images (1960). This collection is composed of 17 images taken at Flemington Speedway, Flemington, NJ. The images are of sprint cars and races from Labor Day, 1960, with a few other images from November of 1960. The collection is interesting as it shows racing, infield scenes, crashes, and towing at the Speedway on race days in 1960. Download Archives Detail Download Container List


Collection 238

Collection No. 238: George Hansen Photograph Collection (1857-1950): Photographs taken by George Hansen in and around Flemington, NJ, mostly between 1900 and 1920. Subjects include the Flemington Methodist Church, H.E. Deats, Fulper Pottery, buildings, streetscapes, and more! Download Archives Detail | Download Container List


Collection 239

Collection No. 239: Waldron Photographs of New Germantown, NJ (1894-1978). This collection consists of approximately 50 photographs and images of New Germantown, NJ (now Oldwick) and surrounding areas, predominantly from the early part of the twentieth century. The donor’s notations on the back of most of the photographs provide identifications and occasional informational anecdotes. Download Archives Detail | Download Container List

Collection 240

Collection No. 240: The Frances Barberie Photograph Collection (1904-1915). This collection consists of a series of mounted photographic prints, with descriptions, from Flemington, N.J. and the surrounding area, ca. 1904-1915. Most of the images are from the greater Flemington area, but there are also images from Somerville, Lambertville, Clinton, and even from the Inter-State Fair in Trenton. Download Archives Detail | Download Container List

Collection 242

Collection No. 241: Schultzel Physican’s Collection (1850-1950). This collection is comprised of an alphabetically arranged set of biographical notes on Hunterdon County Physicians, ca. 1850-1950. Each file may contain reference notes, index cards, photocopies of secondary source material, family records, news clippings, or other reference material. The collection is the culmination of a research project by Ronald Schultzel, former Manuscript Curator of the Hunterdon County Historical Society, to centralize research on Hunterdon County’s Physicians.

Collection No. 242: D. Stanton Hammond III Maps and Tracings (1912-1959). This collection contains a series of maps drawn and traced by D. Stanton Hammond III, ca. 1912-1959. The drawings and tracings are recreated from county surveys and other land records, and show the change in land titles of individual properties over time. The bulk of the maps are from the Northern portion of Hunterdon County, NJ, especially Tewksbury and Lebanon Townships. There are larger and smaller maps from other areas as well. This collection would be of interest to anyone who wishes to research property land ownership in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, and to study the chains of property distribution over time. Download Archives Detail Download Container List

Collection 244

Collection No. 244: Helen B. Large Papers (1865-1971). A collection of school memorabilia, correspondence, and photographs of Helen B. Large, her father George H. Large, and relative John K. Large. Download Archives Detail Download Container List

Collection No. 245: The Henry Beekman Collection (1890-1980). This collection includes the photographic proofs, prints, and contacts that make up the images printed in the text of the book, “A History of East Amwell, 1700-1800” published by the East Amwell Bicentennial Committee in 1976. In addition, there is another set of images not included in that book that are a separate grouping, and these include images of the Flemington Carnival Parade in 1912 as well as other local images. Download Archives List  |  Download Container List

Collection No. 246: The Ryman Herr / Readington Schools Records (1950-1959). Records of Ryman Herr, Attorney for Readington Township and the Readington Township Board of Education, 1950-1959. Includes records relating to Three Bridges, Stanton, Cold Brook, and Ridge Schools. Download Archives List | Download Container List

Collection No. 247: Records of the League of Women Voters of Hunterdon County (1947-2009). This collection includes important documents that illustrate the history of the organization such as meeting minutes, treasurer’s reports, bulletins, membership lists, and a historic scrapbook. Download Archives List  |  Download Container List

Collection 248

Collection No. 248: Mount Airy Dairy Club Papers, 1923-2013. This collection contains documents and materials related to the Mount Airy Dairy Club, a Hunterdon County 4-H Youth Club. The collection includes, but is not limited to, lists of its members, dairy show catalogs programs, newsletters, club scrapbooks, and club anniversary documents. The materials range in date from 1923-2013. Download Archives Detail Download Container List

Collection 250

Collection No. 250: Records of the Delaware Valley Horsemen’s Association (1951-2001). This collection contains programs and notes from horse shows and gymkhanas; correspondence and receipts related to donations and sponsorships; purchases of medals and prizes for shows;and other historical records of the organization. Download Archives Detail | Download Container List