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Goodspeed Histories: Hart-Taylor Cemetery

May 4, 2019
This Week’s Article:
My last article concerned the residents in the old Hart-Taylor Cemetery. This week I explore the owners of the property where the cemetery is located. In the process, I discovered that in my previous articles on the Moore family, I was wrong about who the original owner of this property was. (In my defence, I am not the only one.) Corrections have been made.

The story of the owners of this property was just a little too long to fit the 10 to 11 pages that I aim for in my articles. And a little work is needed on the second half of the story, so that will get published next week.

May 18, 2019
Owners of the Hart-Taylor Cemetery [part one]

A Fisher Family Tree. Because early members of the Fisher family were involved in the properties discussed in this article, I have prepared a Fisher family tree, which you can see here: The Fisher Family.  Just one problem—there are way too many Fishers! So I was obliged to only go as far as four generations of only one of several different Fisher families who lived in Hunterdon County.

Today’s post is not the conclusion of the saga of Moore Farms near Headquarters, but it is the end of my study of the two farms bordering the Hart-Taylor Cemetery. Because this article consists of two house histories in one, it is a little longer than my usual ones.

Owners of the Hart-Taylor Cemetery, part two: The Two Gideon Moore Farms.