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Goodspeed Histories: April 2022

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** April 15, 2022
Today I am publishing an article by Egbert T. Bush called

“Klinesville Once Had A Tavern (https://goodspeedhistories.com/klinesville-taverns/) ”
about a neighborhood not far northwest from Flemington, which is reached by driving up Thatcher’s Hill Road.

In the process of preparing it, I realized that by adding my comments it was becoming much too long. As a reader, I find any article longer that about 10 pages (4,000 words) as long as I want to read, so that is the length I aim for for with the articles I publish. To solve this problem, I am trying something out I haven’t done before–publishing most of my comments in a preceding article, which I’m calling

“Klinesville People (https://goodspeedhistories.com/klinesville-people/) ”
In addition to the tavern in Klinesville, Mr. Bush mentioned another one in the village named The Point Tavern. I was surprised that Bush did not realize that the Point Tavern was run for many years by Peter  C. Chery. So Peter and his tavern get their own article, which is not quite ready for prime time, but will be published very soon.

Bush also mentioned another tavern he could not locate called Anderson’s Tavern. It turns out that Anderson’s was located further up the road from Klinesville in the village later known as Cherryville, so that is also getting its own article, also in the near future. Mr. Bush wrote an article called “Cherryville Once Called Dogtown,” so that will get published along with the tavern article.

The Taverns of Delaware Township
Way back in 2010, I published a list of the Delaware Township taverns. Back then I was not studying the tavern licenses the way I have been recently. When I published the list, I had not yet published articles about the specific taverns themselves. Now, 12 years later, I am able to add links to the tavern stories to the major list of Delaware taverns. Check it out:

Taverns of Delaware Township (https://goodspeedhistories.com/the-taverns-of-delaware-township/)
COMMENTS on Goodspeed Histories:
Thanks to a hacker, I can no longer accept comments on the website. It is a huge disappointment, since the comments added so much to the articles, and it was a great way for descendants of those written about to share information. It is still possible to add comments, but the process is more complex. You send me the ID you get when you are rejected, I pass it on to my webmaster, and she puts you on the white list–that is, people who are approved for making comments.

Alternatively, you can email me [at marfyg@gmail.com], and I can add a comment to the newsletter. For example:

Email from Scott Blauman, commenting on  the article on the Swamp Meeting House Tavern:
Hello,  I tried to comment under your Swamp Meeting Tavern House blog but the GoDaddy website config. would not allow the comment to post. So I went back to your main website and found this way to contact you.

I have found the Robert Erskine-Simeon DeWitt maps, 1778-1783 a valuable resource when looking for tavern locations. I don’t want to include the website thinking this comment might end up as spam, but if you Google it and scroll down to the website digitalcollections.nyhistory.org (http://digitalcollections.nyhistory.org/) you will find a selection of military topo maps made on request of George Washington to enable the Continental Army to become familiar with their surroundings. I am using these for a Scotch Plains project now and the maps are scary accurate!

No doubt about it–the world is not the same place that it was 12 years ago. It certainly demands more of us. Wishing you all a lovely Easter and season of renewal,