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Goodspeed Histories: When Stockton Was Not So Dry (parts 1 & 2)

Egbert T. Bush was very fond of grand old trees, and when they had to come down, he lamented the loss in his articles, including one that I published awhile ago, titled “Old Sentinel Oak Has Passed.” That huge tree, or as Bush would call it, a “Monarch,” once stood along Route 523 as you enter Stockton. Today’s article should have preceded “Old Sentinel Oak,” as it concerns the neighborhood of that great tree before it was taken down.

As usual with Mr. Bush, he has crammed so much information into his article that it is impossible to cover it all in just one post. Today I will focus on the story of Col. John Sharp, his store and distillery. Mr. Bush begins with a description of the approach to Stockton from the north coming down Route 523. (Please note: the article is in italics; my comments are not.) READ PART I HERE | READ PART II HERE