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Goodspeed Histories: The Haines Farm Part II

The Haines Farm, Part II

This family is so intriguing in the way generation after generation not only held on to the original farm, but the way they recycled their given names: Joseph, Isaac, Joseph, Isaac, and Joseph. CLICK here for full story.

The Joys of Research

On this past Thursday, I went to the Historical Society to do some research on upcoming articles, including a Bush article about a railroad from Prallsville to Flemington that was planned in 1876 but never got built. The company records were saved at the HCHS, and included a wonderful map, and even more amazing, a list of 243 people who might be interested in using that railroad. It was a survey taken by Isaac S. Cramer, one of the railroad’s directors, and it listed each person’s acreage, and amount of products they would be likely to import or export, like coal and lime, livestock and fruits. I was astonished by it, and will certainly be doing an article on it sometime in the not-too-distant future.

That’s it for now. Enjoy our brief respite from all the rain we’ve been getting.