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Goodspeed Histories: March 2023

** March 25, 2023
Hello Everyone,
It has been a long time since I sent out a newsletter and published an article on Goodspeed Histories. Life has become more demanding of late, and there  is no longer enough time to concentrate on new articles. Fortunately, an opportunity has come along that makes it possible to publish this weekend.

That opportunity is the article on Larison’s tavern at Larison’s Corner written by Dave Harding and published recently in the newsletter of the Hunterdon County Historical Society. It was on my list of taverns to write about, so I was delighted when Dave gave me permission to republish it here.

** Popular Tavern Had Its Sinister Side (https://goodspeedhistories.com/larasons-tavern/)
Luckily for me, I am not under the constraint that Dave was as concerns length, so I have added some information to his article. Hope you enjoy it.

** Hunterdon’s Other Taverns
So far, I have published articles on fifteen of Hunterdon taverns, but I know of at least 60 taverns altogether, which means I will never be able to write about them all. However,  I have gotten a special request to give Ringoes tavern its due, and considering how close it was to Larison’s tavern, it seems logical to tackle that one next. It will take awhile, but it should be fun to do.

** Another Project
Because I am not able to publish the way I used to, Dave suggested that the articles currently on the Goodspeed Histories website get printed out and assembled in notebooks at the Historical Society for researchers to consult. That seems like a great idea, but there are problems–the first problem being my dissatisfaction with the early articles.

Here’s an example: the first property I researched was my own, back in 1982. It was a test to see if this was work I could do. Recently, my daughter-in-law suggested I give copies of that house history to my grandchildren, as they are very fond of our place. But when I looked at that first version, I was rather disappointed, and  began working on an update, which is turning out to be far longer than the original.

I’ll have to give some thought to an alternative approach. Or else just accept the fact that perfection never gets reached.

Best wishes to you all
Marfy Goodspeed

P.S. Just a note–the comment feature on the website had to be disabled to protect from hackers. You can email me with queries at marfy.goodspeed@gmail.com