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Goodspeed Histories: July 2021

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** July 2, 2021
While I continue work on the buildings along Flemington’s Main Street, I’ve got a short article to publish about the old schoolhouse in Sergeantsville. It is one of those subjects I’d been meaning to get to. Lots of great photos are included, shared with me by Paul Kurzenberger.

The Sergeantsville School (https://goodspeedhistories.com/sergeantsville-school/)

Family Trees
Because Clinton B. Wilson and Emmert Wilson both turned up in this week’s article, I’ve published the Wilson Tree (https://goodspeedhistories.com/james-wilson-tree/) , or I should say A Wilson tree, as there were several Wilson families in Hunterdon who were not related. That could be said for Clint and Emmert, but they are related through a Moore ancestor.

Fourth of July
In just two days. A good time to reflect back on how the Fourth was celebrated on the 50th anniversary of the country. If you’re interested, check out my articles The Jubilee of 1826 (https://goodspeedhistories.com/the-jubilee-of-1826/) and The Jubilee Continues (https://goodspeedhistories.com/the-jubilee-continues/) .

I’m working on an architectural sort of article concerning the buildings that got built after the Civil War ended. There was a fashion for “segmental arched roof” buildings, like the one built by Hopewell for the Hunterdon County Democrat in last week’s article, part 3 of Flemington’s First Bank (https://goodspeedhistories.com/flemingtons-first-bank-chapter-3/) . Funny how one doesn’t notice that sort of thing, and then suddenly it seems to be everywhere.

Wheel & Spoke Factories
Occasional references to them show up in the newspapers or census records of the 19th century.  I recently came across this photograph, on Facebook I think. The size of these wagons made me realize how much people relied on these literally horse-powered vehicles.

Changing Technology
Well, after ten years, my old laptop couldn’t take it anymore. This week I upgraded to a new one, and will be spending some time adjusting to the new operating system. More bells & whistles than I need, but it sure is sleek.

Happy Fourth to all,