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Goodspeed Histories: Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all. It appears that the miracle of Spring is finally happening.

In celebration of the day, I am publishing an article by Egbert T. Bush concerning an Easter egg, and its owners.

** Stockton Woman Has Old Easter Egg (https://goodspeedhistories.com/an-old-easter-egg/)

I confess that the families mentioned in Mr. Bush’s article were not familiar to me, and being away the past week, I could only rely on online resources. So I hope that descendants of the Case and Hewitt families will be able to fill in some missing facts.

Something More to Celebrate

This week’s article will be my 399th. I am still pondering how best to celebrate when I publish the 400th, which will happen later this month. Hard to believe I’ve written so many, but it has been several years. The best thing about this is that I still feel like I have merely scratched the surface of Hunterdon and West Jersey history. So—onward for another 400!

(Easter Egg image courtesy of Dreamstime Stock Photos | ID 2495963 |© Siniša Šešlak)