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Goodspeed Histories: A Mystery House

Today’s article is another example of getting side-tracked, in a very positive way. I was going to proceed with my study of the Rosemont neighborhood, focusing on the northern half and the Woolverton family. But the subject of this week’s article came along and I just could not resist, because it includes marvellous early survey map.

Check out the full story at The Howell House.

Actually, I’m surprised I got anything published at all, since there is still ragweed around, and that slows me down to half speed. The next article will be along as soon as possible, but who knows when.

Part of what made it possible is the help I got from people like Dennis Bertland, Bob Leith, Dave Reading and others. Can’t begin to say how much it is appreciated.

What is extra nice about publishing today is that it is my birthday, and I can think of no better way of celebrating my birthday than working on and publishing another article, and then having with dinner with family. When you get to my age, you begin to understand what is really important! Many thanks to those who have passed on birthday wishes.

Regarding this newsletter:
I usually do not look over the list of subscribers, but recently someone asked me why she was not receiving them anymore. We discovered that her email address had changed, but was not changed on the subscriber list because she had two valid addresses, but tended to look at only one of them.

Another thing I noticed:  When I set up a newsletter, I always click on the option to address the recipient by the first name. I’m sure no one wants to get the whole list—it’s way too long now. But while going through the list of subscribers, I realized that many of you did not supply a first name. I wonder how the newsletter looks for you. Are you even still getting it?  Mail Chimp is good, but far from perfect.

That’s enough for now,
Happy Fall Equinox!