Inventory Posted for Larison’s Corner Church Papers

Collection No. 41, Papers of the Larison’s Corner Church – has been posted! That’s 41 of our earlier collections now with inventories posted to the web. We are closing the gap to getting inventories/finding aids up for all of our manuscript collections.

While scanning, it occurred to me that this collection is a particularly robust source of information about the Church and its members. Contents of the collection include:

  • historical papers from the Church’s construction, 1749-1753 (some written in German!),
  • tons of financial and trustees information from the 19th century,
  • some baptismal and marriage records,
  • Trustee minutes from from 1818-1973,
  • Session minutes from 1863-1977,
  • and Church registers from 1868-1934.

That is a lot of historical material, and worth noting, I think, as we now have made the collection inventory available right HERE!