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Goodspeed Histories: Hunterdon in 1850

In the process of researching for the next article, I began looking through information on Flemington collected over the years, including an article by Egbert T. Bush, called

A State Directory for 1850
It is fascinating for its list of occupations, many of them no longer to be found in Flemington. Mr. Bush’s comments are always worth reading. And of course, I had to annotate it. I regret to say the list of names is far more than I can handle, so contributions of information are very welcome.

The Directory was loaned to Mr. Bush by Harlem C. Buchanan, which made me wonder if I had included him in my Buchanan family tree, and that got me thinking it was time for another update, so along with the Directory, I am publishing the latest version of

The Buchanan Family Tree
Meanwhile, work progresses on the history behind the old bank building on Main Street, once the home of the Hunterdon Co. National Bank. So I am keeping this short.
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