Library Rules


Welcome. First, you need to register at the flat file just inside the far room at the back.

Hang your coat and large parcels (or preferably, leave those in your car) on the wall hooks in the hallway between the front and back rooms. Just keep with you the materials essential for note taking.

We are a pen-free environment; pencils only are to be used in the library. Laptop computers are welcome. The Library offers free WiFi.

To protect our historical materials, eating, drinking and smoking are not permitted.

Do not reshelf books, rather leave them on your worktable. Do return manuscripts, vertical files, and bound volumes to the library assistant on duty.

To request special materials, such as manuscripts or photography collections, please complete a pull slip located on the registration desk.

Many of our books are fragile and easily damaged. Please let the staff advise you on how best to handle them. Place books and other materials on the table or use a book support. Never lean on or place writing materials on an open book or newspaper volume. Never stack open books on top of one another.

If you are not familiar with the use of our microfilm equipment, please ask for assistance. Misuse of this equipment can lead to expensive damage.

Library assistants will make any photocopies you need. In the case of large orders that cannot be completed on the day of your visit, payment in advance is requested.

We continuously catalog new holdings, but there are still many unprocessed ones that are not available for research, except under extraordinary circumstances.

No collection materials may be borrowed or removed from the premises.

Please avoid bringing young children into the library.

Disruptive behavior such as loud and annoying behavior, intrusions on patrons or disrespect for patrons, volunteers, or staff will result in removal from the premises.