Other Collections

Bound Manuscripts  Collection

For many years, the Hunterdon County Historical Society made a practice of accepting “Bound Manuscripts” into our collections and treating them as separate items from otherwise donated manuscripts. These “Bound” items are usually exactly that; bound documents that are not published.  They include the day books and accounting ledgers of historical county individuals, businesses, and social groups.  They also include personal diaries, compilations of the research notes of local historians and genealogists, and the draft versions of several published works.   Also represented are bank ledgers, post office box rental lists, Doctor’s appointment books, store receipt and shipment lists, and, well, the list is virtually endless.  With over 1,500 “Bound Manuscripts” in our catalogue, and more waiting to be described, these volumes represent a rich source of primary historical data that has often gone  unnoticed. Download the Bound Manuscripts List.

Scrapbook Collection

Over the years, many scrapbooks have been donated to HCHS; some are part of larger collections and are kept together with them, but many are stand alone items that were not previously available to the public.  The scrapbooks may be of current events and news clippings, or family news and photos, with anything in between possible!  The real jewels of the collection are the scrapbooks amassed by William T. Srope.  Mr. Srope not only created scrapbooks of county events with news clippings and pages devoted to certain subjects, but he actually indexed most of his scrapbooks by subject!  Scrapbooks are available for in-person research at the Deats Memorial Library, but due to the delicate nature of these resources, no photocopies are permitted.  Patrons are, however, permitted to make digital images provided a flash is not used. Download the Scrapbook Collection.

Map Collection

At present, the Society has over 300 maps available for research.  Some of these maps are unique are not known to be duplicated anywhere else, particularly those maps of individual properties.  Prior to 2012, most of these maps were stored in a manner that was difficult to access, but thanks to a generous grant from the Hunterdon County Cultural and Heritage Commission, a large portion of the map collection has been foldered, preserved, and made available to the public.

Not all of the maps are available for immediate research at the Deats Memorial Library. Download Rules. More are available for use if previous arrangements are made. Download Map Collection.

Photograph Collection

Presently, the Society has over 6,300 photographic images in our described holdings.  For most of the history of the Society, no effective cross-index between the various sources of the photographs and their description was available.  However, our volunteers are hard at work cataloging these photographs into a system that will allow searchable indexing at the Library, making our photo collection far more accessable than ever.  The first 15 boxes of photographs in the collection have been finished. Download Photo Collection.  As more portions of the colection are added, this linked document will be updated.