A Genealogical Boon

The Society offers genealogical charts for sale that document about 200 immigrants of Plymouth, Massachusetts and New Amsterdam (New York City) and trace their families through six generations. Over 3,000 individuals, all related by blood or marriage, are listed, providing many genealogical connections for current New Jersey residents. .

Titled Ye Colonial Kinsmen from Pymouth Rock to York Towne, the study is presented on eight two by three-foot heavy paper sheets that are suitable for framing. A complete set is available for a $30 donation ($20 for Members). For an additional $10 it can be shipped anywhere in the United States. Supplies are limited and there will be no reprints.

The charts were compiled in 1978 by Joseph N. Kearney of the Roadmaps-Thru-History Association in Los Angeles, California. Visit the Library to see if your family names are on the charts.