Collections 79 thru 94

(NOTE: Titles in burgundy are links to pdf files of the collection.)

Collection 79. Marjorie Ladd Saxe Papers (1876-1980). The collection comprises published works, Mrs. Saxe’s notes and papers on Centerville (Readington Township) history, and photographs of houses and other landmarks in Centerville and people having a connection to the village.  See finding guide for details.

Collection 80. Leslie Mike Dairy Farm Records (1935-1954). This collection primarily comprises financial ledger books from the Leslie Mike Dairy Farm.  Other items of note consist of a detailed herd record book, dairy-related documents, and two group photographs including Leslie Mike’s daughter.  These records give insight into the functioning of a typical Hunterdon County dairy in the early to mid twentieth century.  See finding guide for details.

Collection 81. Kingwood Grange No. 106 Papers and Records (1882-1987). The collection contains records and papers of the Kingwood Grange of Hunterdon County, New Jersey.  The grange played an important role in the life of rural communities, being a combination of fraternal, social, professional, and lobbying organization.  In this collection, the minute books of the Kingwood Grange are fairly complete from its founding in 1882 until the last entry in 1987 noting that the grange building was to be sold.  Also included in the collection are correspondence, membership lists, administrative records, photographs, memorabilia, and other materials.

Collection 82. Hunterdon County Collector Records (1830). In 1830 the Hunterdon County Collector, or Controller, gave each record of outgoing funds a number and filed them in order on a string.  These records of payment provide a picture of what happened in Hunterdon that year.  Among other things, the County repaired or built 33 bridges; paid county residents to serve as constables at court; held elections throughout the County, including in Trenton, Pennington and Lawrenceville, which at that time were part of Hunterdon County.

Collection 83. Egbert T. Bush Papers (1848 – 1937). The collection comprises personal papers of Mr. Bush, ranging from the 1870’s until his death.  The collection includes his diaries, manuscripts of his fiction and essays, research notes, correspondence, financial records, and photographs.  In particular, Mr. Bush’s articles and research notes provide valuable insights into the history of southern Hunterdon County and many of the families who lived there.

Collection 84. Hiram E. Deats Collection of Photographic Images (1851 – 1902). The collection contains early photographic images (daguerreotypes and glass plate negatives) dating from 1851 to 1902.  They include images of people and places in Hunterdon County.  Many are unidentified and are thought to be of the Deats family.

Collection 85. Sarah Craig Letters (1862-1869). The collection consists of letters received by Sarah Craig and three sent by her during the American Civil War and the following years.  It provides an insight into the life of a well-to-do family during the Civil War.  There are 367 letters and notes in 68 folders.   There is also an image of Sarah Craig, her letter book from 1863, and a sample of 13 different envelopes.

Collection 86. Hunterdon County Historical Society Postcard CollectionIn Process.

Collection 87. Survey of Hunterdon County Historical Sites (1960-1961). The collection is comprised of NJ State Historical Site Evaluation Worksheets. Forty-one sites have been evaluated, and each includes the worksheet, a map and commentary.  Photographs have been provided for many of the sites, as have the related negatives. All the sites are located in Hunterdon County.

Collection 88. The Papers of the Flemington Children’s Choir School II (1895-2000). This collection is a mixture of records from both the older, original Flemington Children’s Choir School (1895-1958) and the newer, revived version (1980-2000) that functioned as an extension of the original “Chorus of the Alumni.”  It contains a series of administrative and a series of operational records from both versions of the school.  There is a series of various items of historic interest from the original version of the school and a small series (two folders) of multimedia performances of the original choir.  The largest single portion of the collection is a series of photographic images that capture many of the individuals that were involved with the school between 1895 and 1958.  The bulk of the group includes graduation photographs, group posed portraits and individual portraits.  An index is provided for almost 500 named individuals that appear in images in this collection.

Collection 89. Records of the Grand Army of the Republic, Post No. 20, Lambertville, NJ, Major C.A. Angel (1870-1933). This Collection consists of documentary evidence of the operations of the Grand Army of the Republic, Major C.A. Angel Post No. 20, meeting in Lambertville, NJ. Documents are dated from 1870 to 1933.  The collection contains individual Membership Applications and Reinstatements, Reports of the Adjutant and Quartermaster and state and national reports, journals and proceedings.

Collection 90. Mary E. Sheridan Papers (1948-1993). The collection comprises Lambertville City oaths of office, records of the construction of the Third Ward School in Lambertville, and genealogical research.  The genealogical research material includes negatives of newspaper articles, research for inclusion in colonial societies, and other family research.  The collection also includes several images of Gov. Jim Florio’s visit to Echo Hill Park, Clinton Township.  An additional portion of the collection features railroad magazines concerning the Black River and Western Railroad.

Collection 91. James Pyatt Risler Pocket Diaries (1876-1946). The James Pyatt Risler Diaries contain 60 individual diaries.  The diary entries chronicle the daily and seasonal life of a farmer. He most often noted the weather and the farm work he had done for each day.  He also noted visitations from various people and traveling to surrounding Hunterdon County towns.

Collection 92. Edwin K. Large Papers (1950-1985). This collection is comprised of case files of attorney Edwin K. Large. Specifically, these cases represent his work as Hunterdon County Counsel. Most of the files deal with acquisition of real estate for county roads or county buildings, while some deal with county contracts and some are of a miscellaneous nature. These case files are important pieces of Hunterdon County history that illustrate typical legal actions during the stated time period, as well as provide examples of County land, building, and infrastructure acquisition. – Download Inventory List –

Collection 93. Restored Moving Image (Film): “Money at Work.” (1939.) A movie film originally donated in 16mm original format, with a runtime of approx. 24 minutes, this film was preserved and duplicated for the Hunterdon County Historical Society by Film Technology, Inc. through a grant from the National Film Preservation Foundation. The film explores the relationship between banking and news operations, focusing on the Associated Press.  Towards the end of the film, there is a transition from AP operations to the office of a “country newspaper.” This segment of the film includes interior and exterior shots of The Hunterdon County National Bank and other businesses in Flemington, N.J., as well as local citizens and street scenes of the town.  Aside from the film’s obvious historical significance, it provides a unique visual glimpse of Flemington in 1939.

Collection 94. Deeds of Amwell Township (1739-1809). This collection contains sixteen (16) deeds describing land transfers in Amwell Township during the 1700’s and early 1800’s.  Each deed is described by Grantor (From/Seller) to Grantee (To/Buyer); date of sale; purchase price if discernable; and lot size if discernable.

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