Collections 37 thru 48

(NOTE: Titles in burgundy are links to pdf files of the collection.)

Collection 37. Dr. Isaac S. Cramer Personal Papers. Collection includes correspondence, bills, internal revenue receipts, patent office papers, military records, inventory, agreements, death certificates, Grand Jury papers, accounts, and medical receipts. Records date from 1804 – 1899.

Collection 38. D. Howard Moreau Collection.  Collection includes material relating to his capacity as editor and publisher of The Hunterdon Democrat. Highlighted materials include the Regional High School Debate and the columns of Hubert G. Schmidt. No date range for this collection is given.

Collection 39. Records of R. Reardon & Son, Monuments.  Collection includes records and papers of the R. Reardon & Son, Monument Company, of Flemington. Records include correspondence with clients and suppliers, photographs, specifications, estimates, and other miscellaneous materials. No date range is given for this collection.

Collection 40. Hunterdon County Clerk Tax Records. Collection includes the Tax Records from various municipalities within Hunterdon County.  Follow link for details. – Download Inventory List –

Collection 41. Records of the Larison’s Corner Church. Collection includes includes a variety of records from the Larison’s Corner Church of Ringoes, NJ.  Follow link for details. – Download Inventory List –

Collection 42. Veteran’s Graves Registration Maps This collection consists of Hunterdon County cemetery maps that mark the locations of veteran’s graves from The French and Indian War through WWII.  Please see the collection inventory in the Deats Library for more details.

Collection 43. Records of the Oak Grove Grange #119. Collection includes records of the Oak Grove Grange #119 of Pittstown, NJ.  Records are principally correspondence, bills, receipts, and other miscellaneous materials.  Records date from approximately 1895 to 1910.

Collection 44. The Frank E. Burd Papers.  Collection includes the records and papers of Frank E. Burd, of Stockton, NJ.  The records are comprised of correspondence, historical notes, obituaries, genealogical material, and other miscellaneous materials.  No range of record dates is given.

Collection 45. The Coryell Papers. Collection includes papers and records of various members of the Coryell Family.  Follow link for details. – Download Inventory List –

Collection 46. The Servis Papers.  Collection includes miscellaneous papers of the Servis family of Lambertville, NJ, plus Sutphin, Hardin, and other related families.  The records date from 1784 to 1872 (1928). – Download Inventory List –

Collection 47. Hunterdon County Historical Society Collection Part IV.  Collection includes an amalgamation of unassociated records, many of genealogical and/or historical importance. – Download Preliminary Inventory – | – Download Inventory Part I (of 3) –  | – Download Inventory Part II (of 3) – | – Download Inventory Part III (of 3) –

Collection 48. The Maud Wilson Papers.  Collection includes the papers and records of Maud Wilson of Pittstown, arranged into five boxes.  There are two boxes of genealogical inquiries, research, and notes; two boxes of correspondence; and a box of subject files that includes cemeteries, biographies, historical sketches; speeches; clocks; wills and deeds, HCHS material, and other miscellaneous subjects.  No record dates are given for this collection. – Download Inventory List –

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