Collection 120 thru 145

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Second English Presbyterian Church of West Amwell
Image credit: Frank L. Greenage

Coll. 120. Papers from the Second English Presbyterian Church of West Amwell. The collection consists of legal documents, deeds, and notes on the Church history. Some of these are foundational documents for this particular church. This collection would be of interest to anyone researching the history of this church or the area of Mt. Airy.

Collection No. 121. Holcombe Family Papers, 1891 – 1917. This collection contains Holcombe Family Genealogy, information concerning family reunions from 1891 and 1917, and information about the Holcombe Family Association from the same time period.

Collection 122. John Schenk Papers I (1922-1980). This collection includes notes, correspondence and photographs of John Schenk. Major collection subjects include Mr. Schenk’s research on tall-case clockmakers of Hunterdon County, the establishment of the Doric House museum, material relating to the Flemington Choir School, a transcript of Treasure and Pride, (unpublished manuscript) and Ron Schultzel’s notes on the collection and draft of a history of Hunterdon County clockmakers (based on Mr. Schenk’s notes). The collection would be beneficial to anyone interested in Hunterdon County tall case clockmakers. Download Collection 122 Container List.

Collection 123. John Schenk Papers II (1947-1965). Collection contains miscellaneous personal papers and notes relating to Mr. Schenk’s research and lectures on Hunterdon County makers of tall case clocks. It also contains a carousel of slides used in the lecture as well as photographic prints of the slides and other materials used in the lecture. The collection would be helpful to anyone interested in tall case clocks and Hunterdon County’s role in their history. Download Collection 123 Container List.

Collection No. 124. Case Family Deeds (1840-1886): This collection contains five different links of property transferences concerning the Case and related families from 1840 to 1886. The files include deeds, mortgages and loans from predominantly Delaware and Kingwood Townships, Hunterdon, County, NJ. This collection would be of interest to anyone researching land transference between the Case and other families in southwestern Hunterdon County.

Collection No. 125. Biographical Files of Revolutionary War Soldiers. This collection is comprised of documents relating to the service records and biographical information concerning 34 Hunterdon County Revolutionary War soldiers. The folders are a mix of original notes, research, and copies of information from other primary and secondary sources. The collection would interest anyone conducting biographical or genealogical research on Hunterdon County Revolutionary War Soldiers. Download Collection 125 Archives Details, Download Collection 125 Container List.

Collection 126. Records of the Hunterdon County Sheriff, 1914-1979. This collection is a small assortment of correspondence and financial accounts from the Hunterdon County Sheriff’s Office. The principal attraction of the collection is an audit of Hauptman Trial expenses and the genealogical value of some of the documents. The collection also presents a glimpse of the variety of duties that sheriff’s officers carried out throughout the years in Hunterdon County. Download Collection 126 Container List.

Collection No. 127. The Jennie Haver Collection. This collection is comprised of a series of articles published by Jennie Haver in several of the leading academic educational journals of the early part of the twentieth century. The articles are mostly related to the area of health education, teaching methodology, and administrative approaches to teaching. The collection is illustrative of Jennie Haver’s scholarly abilities and her high level contributions to the educational profession both in Hunterdon County and beyond. Download Collection 127 Container List.

Collection No. 128. Clark-Dunham Family Photographs (n.d.). This collection consists of photographs from the Clark-Dunham and Apgar families. The majority of the images are studio portraits, but only a minority are identified. Of chief interest are the identifiable photographs of the Clark-Dunham and Apgar families, and two tintypes. One group of photographs appears to have been taken at the Philadelphia Sesquicentennial held in 1925. Download Collection 128 Container List.

Collection No. 129. Hunterdon County Road Petitions (1892-1907). This collection is composed of petitions to the Freeholders and Road Commissioners of Hunterdon County, along with other correspondence, pertaining to the construction and maintenance of roadways throughout the county. The petitions contain the signatures of many citizens from affected areas, and are an interesting source of information about the development of county roads and their use. Download Collection 129 Container List.

Collection No. 130. The Hilda Kohl Papers (1909-1925). This collection includes images of Klinesville school and students, a scrapbook, and Hunterdon County related ephemera.

Collection No. 131. The Rittenhouse/Fuhrmann Papers (1880-1990). This collection contains legal papers, genealogical notes, correspondence, news clippings, ephemera and photographs concerning the Albert H. Rittenhouse family and its descendants. – Download Container List –

Collection No. 132. Herr and Fisher Papers (1929-1947). This collection is comprised of legal invoices and notes, public utility correspondence, a petition against proposed dam works, and other correspondence. The collection is a compilation of small donations from C. Ryman Herr, and most of the material was a function of his position as partner in the law firm of Herr and Fisher, Flemington, NJ. This collection would interest anyone researching Herr and Fisher, or Hunterdon County Public Utility Commission projects. – Download Collection 132 Container Inventory List –.

Collection No. 133. Records of the Washington Camp No. 152, Patriotic Order Sons of America (Ringoes, NJ) (1905-1949). This collection contains records of a fraternal organization of Ringoes, NJ in the early part of the nineteenth century, including minutes, roll books, administrative records, financial reports, and communications. – Download Archive Details – – Download Container List –

Collection No. 134. The Hanover/Deats Papers (1848-1961). This collection consists of a number of miscellaneous documents concerning Hiram E. Deats and Hunterdon County in general. There are personal records of Hiram E. Deats in the collection, but also some records of other Hunterdon County individuals and organizations, including the Riverside Grange, a diary of Henry Race, and publications from the Hunterdon County Health and Hospital Survey Committee. – Download Archive Details –  |  –  Download Container List

Collection No. 136. Records of the Hunterdon County Extension Service (1933-1960). This collection contains records of the Hunterdon County Agricultural Extension service and some of its employees from 1933 to 1960. Important subjects include the history of the artificial breeding of Dairy Cattle, the careers of agricultural agents Enos Perry, William Schaefer, and Edward Gauntt, and statistical accounts of cattle research in Hunterdon County. Researchers interested in the beginnings of the artificial cattle breeding program within the U.S. would also find this collection very helpful. – Download Collection 136 Container List –

Collection No. 137. Hunterdon County Aerial Photographs. This collection consists of a group of 375 aerial photographs from 1956 and 1963. The aerials were taken by the Farm Service Agency, US Dept. of Agriculture. Unfotunately, the sets are incomplete. The locations are indexed on an overlay map and there are notations on many of the images indicating landowners. This collection would interest anyone researching geography, land use, land ownership, and geospatial change in Hunterdon County. – Download Collection 137 Container List –

Collection No. 138. Records of the Hunterdon County Symphony Orchestra (1933-1954). This collection contains documents and printed material produced by the Hunterdon County Symphony Orchestra. Most of the collection is comprised of programs from the decade of the 1950’s. There are also some examples of subscriptions, tickets, and admission cards. This collection would be of particular interest to anyone researching Hunterdon County music history or institutions of the 1950’s. Download Collection 138 Container List.

Collection No. 139. Papers of the NJ Archaeology Society. This collection contains records from the papers of the NJ Archaeology Society, as saved by Hiram E. Deats of Hunterdon County, NJ. Of particular interest is the NJ Archeology Society newsletters, membership data, and membership in the Eastern States Archaeological Federation. This collection would interest anyone researching the beginnings and evolution of archaeology in NJ. – Download Archives Details – | – Download Container List –

Collection No. 140: Charles F. Snyder Papers. This collection contains correspondence, news articles, and personal records concerning Charles F. Snyder, a juror in the trial of Bruno Richard Hauptmann. – Download Archives Details – | – Download Container List –

Collection No. 141:  Revolutionary War Soldiers and Pension Files.  This collection is comprised of photocopies of files documenting the service record of 60 Revolutionary War soldiers.  Most of the documents were obtained from the US National Archives.  The files were assembled by the Federal Government for the purposes of providing veteran’s pensions.  Many, but not all, of the soldiers documented are from Hunterdon County. – Download Archives Details –  |  – Download Container List –


Collection 142

Collection No. 142: The J. Edgar Stout Papers (1774-1993) This collection contains a number of records and volumes accumulated by J. Edgar Stout (1923-2001), longtime Historian of Franklin Township, NJ. Parts of the collection include records of the Franklin Telephone Company, court battles between the Franklin Twp. Board of Education and Lackatong Lodge No. 114, and genealogical notes on the Leaver, Hampton, and Vail families. – Download Archives Detail – | – Download Container List –

Collection No. 143: The Dorothy Stratford papers (1890-ca. 1980). Unassociated materials donated from the estate of Mrs. Dorothy Stratford, including correspondence between H.E. Deats and R.B. Rankin; Agens family documents and photographs; Readington Tombstones notes; and Bloom and race family photographs. – Download Container List –

Collection No. 145: The Harry W. Britton Letters. This collection contains a group of letters both to and from Mr. Harry W. (Wesley) Britton, of Trenton and Flemington, NJ. The letters date from 1895-1898. – Dowload Collection Archive Details – | – Download Container List –













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